Sewage Detection & Source Tracking Dogs for IDDE

Water Quality's Best Friend!

We are a unique company that uses scenting dogs to detect and source track illicit sewage discharges that pollute surface waters, causing harm to humans and ecosystems. What a great tool to add to your IDDE toolbox! 

Our Benefits and Services

Putting Our Dogs To Work For You!
  • 11 years experience with canine IDDE investigations across the country.

  • Instant response when sewage is detected

  • Discrimination between human and animal waste sources

  • Immediate on-the-fly source tracking based on responses

  • Rapid location or narrow isolation of sources in hours/days instead of weeks/ months/years it can take for traditional source tracking methods alone.

  • Very cost effective!
Water Sample Screening
Two Methods to Help With Large or Complex Watersheds
"Ship and Sniff"
You ship water samples to us, our dogs scent test them for the presence of sewage, and we quickly provide you with a report of the results.

On-Site Testing
You collect water samples at targeted sites for our dogs to scent test on-site. This is typically done at the beginning of a canine IDDE investigation, where the results of their responses are used to follow up immediately with on-the-fly  source tracking.
Source Tracking: Point Source Discharges 

Our canines check stormwater systems for the presence of illicit sewage discharges. They investigate outfalls, manhole structures, catch basins, and drains as they work their way through the systems to locate discharge sources.

We have worked with:

MS4s to assist with their IDDE requirements

State Departments of  Environmental Protection

Municipalities of all sizes

Water Quality Organizations


Indian tribes

Source Tracking: Non Point Source Discharges

We can help you track down those difficult, illusive discharges that come from multiple, diffuse sources, such as sewer and septic system drainage and seepage into surface waters.

The canine investigations for these types of sources typically occur along:

Tributaries and creeks 




Our dogs are able to detect the sewage in both fresh and salt water environments.